In the last day

I have:
Gone to the chiro
got cat litter
been to fry's
dealt with a faucet leaking ALL OVER THE FLOOR
got the kids to bed
got like 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep because the baby was in his OWN BED
got new internets
made dinner so the kids could eat and not interrupt their dad while he fought with the new internets.
washed some clothes
work? HAHAHAH.

More on privacy

As a followup to my previous post on Social Media and Privacy -

A friend tweeted this link today, which is just another "HI PEOPLE CAN FIND YOU" scary ass thing:

Visiting Denver

This week we're visiting the lovely city of Denver, CO. We have friends in the area so we decided to come in a week early before Drupalcon Denver.

Just a test

Instead of syndicating, Drupal still has a livejournal crossposting module. Let's see if it still works :)

My review of Mass Effect 3

I stayed up far, far too late last night finishing up my play through of Mass Effect 3. To say I'd been looking forward to this game would be more than a slight understatement. I *love* the Mass Effect series. I love the universe. It's my favorite series ever. I have 5 playthroughs I'd planned on importing. We played multiplayer in the demo like crazy. Its seriously the most fun multiplayer co-op game I've played since maybe Unreal tournament. I even loved this game almost all of the way through.

And then came the end:


Social Media and Privacy

So I used to use Foursquare a lot. It helped me discover a couple of nifty places I would not have otherwise known of. But I stopped using it as anything other than a reference tool (mostly) after I thought about it a bit.

What happens if I check in at my daughter's preschool every day? And some freak decides that they're gonna take a look and see what they can see!

If I don't set my privacy settings correctly:

If you're not ok with allowing access to birth control (of whatever form) to women, then you're an attempted murderer.

So Rick Santorum, colossal ass that he is, is all for preventing women from receiving birth control or abortions. He's also against us having jobs outside the home or, you know, being anything but a pair of boobs to play with.

The other GOP candidates seem to pretty much follow the same idea, but maybe not quite as stringently.

As far as I'm concerned, that makes him, and anyone who believes like that an attempted murderer. Why?

Sick, with a side of insanity

In the last couple of weeks I've had a job interview, a test site built for that interview, approached for an article for Drupal Watchdog (which I am so not done with yet and they're getting kind of desperate), a bunch of stuff for TopNotch that became suddenly time critical, and really, really sick kids.

Things that make us crazy

  • being sick
  • both kids being sick
  • Both kids being sick enough with high enough fevers to go to the doctor
  • Using a nebulizer 3x a day on one of your sick kids
  • Hearing, at 8 PM on saturday night "Mommy, it hurts deep down in my ear"
  • Finding out the Walgreens no longer takes your insurance
  • seeing one kid spike 104 because she apparently has an ear infection

Mostly like that.

This, to me, is damn funny

So I checked out what the googlez think my demographics are: