And it's 2013

The last couple of weeks have been spent in various forms of illness around the house, and a lot of "do nothing". Earl has been under the weather and strained himself on Christmas, then got a cold. I had an attack of what was apparently gall bladder stones (oh, yay), and that's going to come to an ultimate conclusion probably sooner rather than later.

Things I am up to right now

I've had a horrendous cold. Totally energy sucking, hacking, ugh nasty, whole house came down with it. Never get this cold.

The Broncos are kicking ass and taking names. Playoffs, baby!

C and I earned our second stripe towards our blue belts. One form and 10 more chin-na techniques to learn before we can test for blue belt. I'm hoping we can do that before May.

Had an interview at the beginning of last month for a possible full-time job. Hoping it works out.

The NFL and refs

There's no question that reffing is always bad. It always gets worse every year. Fans get that, we bitch and moan and go on about things.

This year in the NFL, the league has locked out the refs, and brought in small college replacements. There's no question these folks are trying really hard to do the job, and do it right. Tonight's Seattle vs Green Bay game ended with a bizarre call, and there were some really egregious calls and non-calls. I saw someone on twitter say "It's just a game, get over it."


So many letters, so many signs

So many things I can't keep track of. C and I earned our first yellow belt stripe. We saw Rachel perform a few weeks ago. C is in school and seems to be enjoying it. R is finally sorta maybe starting to sleep reasonably. Perhaps around the end of the year I might start averaging more than 7 hours of sleep. Brain, fried, all the time. Not sure how to make that stop. also, whiny.

We got a play structure for the backyard. We finished it Monday. The kids LOVE it. It's definitely cool.

A letter to my kids

Tonight, our species landed a big craft on ANOTHER PLANET.

Getting smaller?

When I got out of high school, I was about 125. I walked or biked back and forth to school so I was in ok shape. Not great, but ok. The job I mainly worked in college involved being on my feet for anywhere from 2-15 hours several days a week, with not much time to eat. I think I managed 130 or so in that range.


So yeah, my arms have been sore for the last 3 days and it is super annoying. Been having trouble with pushups - upper body strength is no longer my forte and it's showing. Sifu Robin gave me bars to do pushups on, and now I have trouble bringing food or drink to my mouth. I suppose that this is not shocking given the OW OW OW.

Other things going on

C had a birthday. R is growing, though we'd like him to grow a bit faster. And maybe heavier :) I'm working. I've learned a lot of new things. I've also had a few issues just trying to keep myself in gear. Could be better, could be worse.

Seriously, USPS? WTF.

So I ordered something online last week (May 4). It's shipping *inside* the US. As it turns out, the item is in Athens, OH. Estimated arrival date: May 25.

TWENTY ONE DAYS for something to get from Athens to here? The only way it should take that long is if someone is *walking* it to me.

So I check in this morning. The shipment went to the carrier yesterday. Check this:


So the A/C didn't come on this weekend (highs in the 90s! WOO!), and took our primary server with it. It was salvagable, thankfully, and new hardware to replace that aging machine is on order.

The HVAC maintenance guy at least got the AC started... though today it's a whopping 63 degrees, BUT, at least we know the unit still works.