April 2012


So the A/C didn't come on this weekend (highs in the 90s! WOO!), and took our primary server with it. It was salvagable, thankfully, and new hardware to replace that aging machine is on order.

The HVAC maintenance guy at least got the AC started... though today it's a whopping 63 degrees, BUT, at least we know the unit still works.

In the last day

I have:
Gone to the chiro
got cat litter
been to fry's
dealt with a faucet leaking ALL OVER THE FLOOR
got the kids to bed
got like 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep because the baby was in his OWN BED
got new internets
made dinner so the kids could eat and not interrupt their dad while he fought with the new internets.
washed some clothes
work? HAHAHAH.

About me

This is my internet vanity site. It doesn't have a cool URL of its own or anything, but the site I have for my kids does.

Things I do:

Take care of my kids.
Work on Drupal.
Play video games.
Fail to write interesting things on my blog.