January 2017

Things wot I have done this week

Today I:

Called Paul Ryan's office to say I supported the ACA. I know people who would have died without it. Repealing it without ensuring those people can get care is tantamount to murder. Period, full stop. You can not be pro-life, and actively support the deaths of people. Repealing the ACA will kill people.

Called Kamala Harris' office. The mailbox was full, so I sent an email instead.

Did some work, too. Oof.


One of the shows we've picked up this season is Timeless. It's not the greatest show, but it is a decent show. One of the main protagonists is played by Malcolm Barrett - a black man - who I loved in Better off Ted.

The primary protagonist (Lucy - Abigail Spencer) is female! She's the 'mission director', as it were. She had a fairly typical life leading up to this point.

Quiet activity time

It's no secret that we're a device heavy house. The kids get more screen time than they probably should but HEY, I am pretty bad about it myself sooooo.

But in order to get the kids headed towards bed, devices are down at 8:30; it's a half hour of quiet activity time, and then reading time. It's doing some good things for the kids; they're definitely relaxing more before trying to get to sleep, which is a good thing.


New year, moar stuff

I failed to do a lot of things I'd intended to last year. I never made it back to the dojo. But I've washed my gi! So now it's clean and I don't have any other excuse besides "I'm tired, meh!"