Things wot I have done this week

Today I:

Called Paul Ryan's office to say I supported the ACA. I know people who would have died without it. Repealing it without ensuring those people can get care is tantamount to murder. Period, full stop. You can not be pro-life, and actively support the deaths of people. Repealing the ACA will kill people.

Called Kamala Harris' office. The mailbox was full, so I sent an email instead.

Did some work, too. Oof.


One of the shows we've picked up this season is Timeless. It's not the greatest show, but it is a decent show. One of the main protagonists is played by Malcolm Barrett - a black man - who I loved in Better off Ted.

The primary protagonist (Lucy - Abigail Spencer) is female! She's the 'mission director', as it were. She had a fairly typical life leading up to this point.

Quiet activity time

It's no secret that we're a device heavy house. The kids get more screen time than they probably should but HEY, I am pretty bad about it myself sooooo.

But in order to get the kids headed towards bed, devices are down at 8:30; it's a half hour of quiet activity time, and then reading time. It's doing some good things for the kids; they're definitely relaxing more before trying to get to sleep, which is a good thing.


New year, moar stuff

I failed to do a lot of things I'd intended to last year. I never made it back to the dojo. But I've washed my gi! So now it's clean and I don't have any other excuse besides "I'm tired, meh!"


Things that make me stabby

So there's a post I've seen a few times today on Facebook that says:

We need to care less about whether our children are academically gifted and more about whether they sit with the lonely kid in the cafeteria.

And my immediate thought?

FUCK YOU. FUUUUUCK YOU. FUCKITY FUCK YOU, you sanctimonious, KNOWLEDGELESS, inexperienced, ass. Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, etc.

Seriously. Go fuck yourself.

That lonely kid in the cafeteria? GOOD CHANCE IT IS THE GIFTED KID.


Holy shit I missed half a year!

And now it's june. Well, tomorrow anyway.

I've stayed pretty steady on the weight.

I've failed to get back to the dojo.

I've signed the kids up for Ice skating lessons.

I went to a glass blowing class!

This past weekend we went to Kublacon. We took R with us for the whole weekend this time. He did pretty well!


It's 2016!

Holy shit!

There's been sickness and food and food and family and holy crap the amount of fondue has been ridiculous by SO TASTY. Also bread pudding with homemade bread you DONT EVEN KNOW.

Anyway. The holidays are officially over, and 2016 has started. I figured I should get back on a number of bandwagons. Or something.

So, last year I said "back to the martial arts oh and craft 15 minutes a day".



So I went to GaymerX 3 this past Saturday. It was pretty fun! At first I had some anxiety about it. Earl was off doing his own thing, the kids were at Dickens' faire... I COULD BE AN IRRESPONSIBLE ADULT ALL BY MYSELF WHAT WHAT.

LAM had been poking at me to go for uh 6 months. Because Jennifer Hale was a BoH (Boss of Honor) for the con and COME ON JENNIFER HALE. Then I found out Brianna Wu was also coming and so FINE FINE FINE I bought a ticket.



I'm horrified by the events in Paris this evening - as any sane person should be. I've been fortunate enough to visit Paris. It's an amazing, beautiful city, full of history and art and culture and holy fuck amazing food.

How the fuck could anyone want to damage such a place.

It's not my place to say, but I'm still going to say I hope each of you slime gets exactly what you deserve.

I remember

It's September 11. Fourteen years after I woke up to my alarm clock radio telling me the second tower had collapsed. I remember.

But I think Jeremy said earlier today - he's avoiding media in general today because WE REMEMBER and we dwell on death.

I remember. I also remember where I was when the Challenger exploded. (8th grade, first period concert band.)

I remember.

But instead of dwelling on that, today I'm going to remember other things instead of dwelling on death.