Seriously. I HAD PLANS for this summer, and we've been busy every freakin weekend except uh. 2? And one of them was this past weekend.

It's been good, we've seen lots of friends and stuff all summer so that's been excellent. I finally got to see Dannette & Charles' new house (love it!) and then there were SMORES on the 4th. So good.
There was a game day. There have been birthday parties. We have a new front door. And a new dining room floor and hallway. The CLOSET DOORS WORK for the first time in literally a decade.

Yes, it is their fault

So Sunday I tweeted a response to someone who'd pointed out that the new "Cycle blast quinjet" toy from Hasbro - practically Black Widow's ICONIC SCENE in Avengers: Age of Ultron, doesn't even have her on the fucking box. I said "that's a giant fucking fail, AND you are not getting any of my toy money Hasbro and Marvel".

Adventures in sickness

The kids have both been sick for most of the last week. R has had a horrible cough, so bad that he sometimes throws up. Fever has been up and down. After the 3rd time his fever came back, and the pukecough, we went to the doctor.

Doc says "Yep, it's a really bad cold. Humidifier, apple juice and honey. I'll give you an antibiotic prescription but I don't think that's actually the answer, but I don't want you to have to come back down here tomorrow for a piece of paper if it turns out you do need it."

Clearly it's not my first roundup

Seeing as I keep attempting to write posts and not getting around to doing them.

So: the holidays were good. No major illnesses. Things were acquired. Children agreed to rid themselves of some other toys they don't play with (without an argument, seriously!) There's still a lot of cleaning to do, but I've done a bunch of reorganizing of things lately:

Fun with preschoolers

R's preschool does a few 'take-home' projects during the year. One is a "our favorite book" project. You get a cardstock piece that looks like a book cover, and you decorate it like your favorite book.

This often results in some very cute pseudo-covers of things like _Goodnight_Moon_ and _The_Very_Hungry_Caterpillar_, and so on.

R's favorite book right now? Naked!

ugh, seriously. It's not even fall yet.

So, across my feeds this morning came one of those exclusionary, intolerant "It's Merry Christmas! Not Happy Holidays!".

I already want to vomit. It's SEPTEMBER. It's not even fall and you're whining about what other people call their 'made up holiday to coincide with the beginning of winter"? Do you seriously not have better things to do with your time?


everything's a blur

I had PRK corrective vision surgery on friday. WOO! It was neat and scary at the same time. I'm 5 days into my recovery, and my vision is apparently 20/25, which is better than the average 20/45 or 20/50 that most people have at this stage. The protective lenses are out, which is excellent because they were just exactly like wearing the same contacts for 5 days. Ew.

I have a follow up in a week.


All of the things, or none of the things

We pretty much failed to do any of the things I wanted to do with the kids this summer. School started yesterday, and that always puts a giant damper on doing things that are fun. And the kid has homework, which puts a crimp in doing anything fun anyway (seriously, how does a young kid need homework? They need to PLAY.)

I made brown belt over the summer. Work is going well. I am super tired because R is doing well at getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. This means that he needs mommy to come help him and so then he wants to sleep with me.

And stuff.

Summer keeps rolling

So I've got all the material for my brown belt test (seen it anyway, remembering it all is an issue). Except for that part where I have to do 40 pushups and... yeah, ow. So, I grabbed the Hundred pushups app that a couple of friends recommended, and I started working on it. Pushups are tough, yo.

Cheating can be fun, too

C is reading the Thea Stilton books. They're chapter books, but there's a good amount of pictures, colorful fonts and visually interesting things that are great for a reader at her level and age. There's only one problem with them - there's occasional 'handwritten' passages, which are in cursive.

She doesn't know how to read cursive. So she's coming to the adults for help, which is great. It shows me she's really reading it.

She also hates to write. Really, really hates.