ugh, seriously. It's not even fall yet.

So, across my feeds this morning came one of those exclusionary, intolerant "It's Merry Christmas! Not Happy Holidays!".

I already want to vomit. It's SEPTEMBER. It's not even fall and you're whining about what other people call their 'made up holiday to coincide with the beginning of winter"? Do you seriously not have better things to do with your time?

Also, "It's not happy holidays!" You're right. For a lot of people, it's not happy holidays. It's merry christmas. Or happy hannukah. Or blessed solstice. Or ... is happy the right modifier for kwanzaa? I don't actually know. For some people, it's "Happy you get screwed because your birthday is too close to a made up holiday!" For some people, it's not 'happy' or 'merry' anything. It's crushing depression and anxiety.

Oh, and then there's the fact that many, many, many people consider the end of the year to be a holiday. So... happy holidays covers your soltice-centered celebration AND year's turning. So, if you insist on Merry Christmas? I personally consider it to be a 'have a nice christmas, but FUCK YOUR NEW YEAR.'

Seriously, if you can't take the sentiment behind "have a lovely holiday!", and you insist that it be YOUR holiday, then you're intolerant, exclusionist, and, well, wrong. You're telling people that YOU and YOUR beliefs trump their feelings and beliefs. Surprise! When you do that, people think you're a jerk!

And ultimately, if it's 'About Christ', do you really think he would have given a crap about what you called the day? Or would he have cared more that you're going out, loving your neighbors (regardless of how they wished you a holiday), and doing good things in the world?

I think I have a good idea which one he'd have preferred.