Things wot I have done this week

Today I:

Called Paul Ryan's office to say I supported the ACA. I know people who would have died without it. Repealing it without ensuring those people can get care is tantamount to murder. Period, full stop. You can not be pro-life, and actively support the deaths of people. Repealing the ACA will kill people.

Called Kamala Harris' office. The mailbox was full, so I sent an email instead.

Did some work, too. Oof.

Over the weekend:
I don't really know what I intended for the weekend, but:
I cleaned a bunch of things out of the garage and moved them into the shed. In so doing, I made it so C's bike can actually be parked on the ground instead of laying on top of some other stuff. Paint, empty storage bins, all the winter holiday stuff, and so on. Garage is still too full, but it's less full than it was, and a bit more organized.
Despaired a little that the shed doesn't have power. It'd make a nice work space. Extension cords to the rescue.
Knitted a hat base for my brain hat for the science march, whenever that happens.
Drank more mimosa than was good for me.
Emailed Feinstein's office to oppose Sessions for AG.

Still have tech challenge meeting with my team. woof.