Yes, it is their fault

So Sunday I tweeted a response to someone who'd pointed out that the new "Cycle blast quinjet" toy from Hasbro - practically Black Widow's ICONIC SCENE in Avengers: Age of Ultron, doesn't even have her on the fucking box. I said "that's a giant fucking fail, AND you are not getting any of my toy money Hasbro and Marvel".

Note: I am (currently) a fairly well-off person who can, without a lot of thought about the money, buy just about what the fuck ever my kids want in their scavenging little hearts. But we also have limited space, so it's got to be a pretty cool toy.

A motorcycle dropping out of the quinjet that DOES NOT HAVE THE FEMALE CHARACTER WHO RODE THE FUCKING THING does not count.

What got me though, is the person who tweeted at me in response, "It's not Marvel's fault."

Really? How is this not Marvel's fault? At least in part?

Sure, I know that Disney owns the company. They get to decide what toys ultimately get made.

But Marvel's CEO already is known to have his head up his ass about female superheroes.
Marvel hasn't put any push (as far as we know) to promote their female characters.
It will be TEN YEARS since the beginnings of the MCU before we get a female-led movie (Iron Man: 2008 - Captain Marvel: currently scheduled for 2018).
Nobody from Disney or Marvel or ANYONE says anything besides "We have the girls locked up in the princesses." (BTW, FUCK YOU GUYS WITH SANDPAPER. MY DAUGHTER IS MORE THAN JUST A PRINCESS.)
Marvel comics are starting to turn things seriously around - A-Force is due in another week. The new teenage Ms Marvel is pretty cool. Goddess Thor? HELL YEAH.
I was happy to see multiple women in Age of Ultron, though now that I think about, I'm not technically sure it passes the Bechdel. (Do Dr. Cho and Scarlet Witch talk to each other? Do the two lines exchanged between Natasha and Hawkeye's daughter count?)

So, is it Marvel's fault I can't find stuff my daughter wants? YES. YES IT IS. If equality was actually important to you guys? You'd have more women. I'd be able to find stuff with Gamora. With Widow.

FFS, I got a "We have new costumes in the disney store!" The boys? They get all the avengers. They get princes and pirates and Jedi. The girls? Princesses or fairies. Widow? No. Gamora? No. Hera? No. I sent them an email saying "Seriously - where are the female superheroes?" I got a response "We don't know when we'll get new costumes." WRONG ANSWER. I could give two fucks about what you know about costumes. You TELL YOUR SUPERIORS that we want Lady Sif. And Scarlet Witch.

Fuck you marketers. My kid's going to be Black Widow and I'm gonna make the damn costume myself. And you know what? I'm gonna make her DOLL into Black Widow, too. Because the corporate world? You've failed to grasp that even though my husband currently makes more money than me?

I DO THE SHOPPING FOR TOYS. And if you can't figure out how to give me the toys my kids want? If you can't put the women in? You don't get my money.

I mean it. I'm not giving you money. My kids want the women. BOTH KIDS - because my son? He likes Gamora and Black Widow because they're HEROES. They help people. They save the world.

Turns out, saving the world doesn't really require the use of genitals.