everything's a blur

I had PRK corrective vision surgery on friday. WOO! It was neat and scary at the same time. I'm 5 days into my recovery, and my vision is apparently 20/25, which is better than the average 20/45 or 20/50 that most people have at this stage. The protective lenses are out, which is excellent because they were just exactly like wearing the same contacts for 5 days. Ew.

I have a follow up in a week.

I was super, super light sensitive the first few days. I still am sensitive, but I always have been, so that's not super surprising. The first couple of days, it really felt like I was burning my eyes out of my skull if I looked at anything like a light.

I can see to drive, YAY. Reading is more difficult right now, but that should change as time goes on. Still. I CAN SEE. WHEN I WAKE UP. WITHOUT MY GLASSES. WOOWOO.