So the A/C didn't come on this weekend (highs in the 90s! WOO!), and took our primary server with it. It was salvagable, thankfully, and new hardware to replace that aging machine is on order.

The HVAC maintenance guy at least got the AC started... though today it's a whopping 63 degrees, BUT, at least we know the unit still works.

The bathroom floor is being fixed (Again) and there will be fixed toiletage! And the bathroom is all painted! It no longer bears the faint color of poo. Previous paint job had a touch of green to it. It was... yeah. Now it is SUPER WHITE. And the floor flashing will be SUPER WHITE LIKE SNOW (literally - the color name for the floorboard stuff is SNOW).

I am looking forward to having my house be mostly usable again. Maybe I can clean up some stuff FOR REALZ YO.