Getting smaller?

When I got out of high school, I was about 125. I walked or biked back and forth to school so I was in ok shape. Not great, but ok. The job I mainly worked in college involved being on my feet for anywhere from 2-15 hours several days a week, with not much time to eat. I think I managed 130 or so in that range.

A few years later, I got a desk job . A Real Job. It involved sitting on my butt for 8 hours a day and eating more than once or twice a day. I hit 140.. 145. By my early 30s I'd hit 165 and stayed there. I stayed there through working out (though I lost a good amount of fat working out), half hearted attempts to do anything else about it too.

When I got pregnant with C, I hit 185. I lost it all after giving birth - I hit 165. SWEET, back where I started! Over the next couple of years, I gained it all back. I hit 182. Typical story. Nothing fit, I felt terrible (physically. I hate the feeling of my ribs sinking into my stomach and ughy fat rolls). I got pregnant with R. I gained... nothing. Seriously. I'd cut back on eating less healthy foods and actually had dropped a few pounds right before I got pregnant. I hit 182 with him. I got down to 160 after giving birth. HOT DAMN that was fantastic.

He's 18 months now, and... the weight has been creeping back on. I've sworn to myself I'm not going to get that heavy again if I can help it. I don't like how I feel when I'm carrying that much weight. 170 was unacceptable. Over that was madness. A few months ago, I hit 170. And it kept going up. 175. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

I started thinking about the things I could actually do without too much disruption and enforcement. C turned 5. With that, we both enrolled in classes at Ascension Martial Arts. It's SO much fun. It's good discipline, and I know I've gained back a lot of core strength that I'd lost with having two bowling balls er kids in my abdomen. There's a long way to go though.

But that wasn't enough. Working out makes me HUNGRY. Surprise. And I wasn't doing much aside from that. So we got Fitbits. Expensive little gadget, but it does make you a lot more aware of how much or little you're really moving. Their website has a pretty decent food tracker too, so I've been keeping that. It's got a calorie planner that adjust how many calories you can eat based on what you've done that day - if you move around more, you get more calories to eat. No guessing, it's automagically done for you. Pretty sweet. I've had the fitbit for about 2 weeks now, and I'm down about 2 lbs. I'm pretty happy with that.