And it's 2013

The last couple of weeks have been spent in various forms of illness around the house, and a lot of "do nothing". Earl has been under the weather and strained himself on Christmas, then got a cold. I had an attack of what was apparently gall bladder stones (oh, yay), and that's going to come to an ultimate conclusion probably sooner rather than later.

We had a good Christmas. Small, but among friends. We saw The Hobbit (and mostly enjoyed it. Would see again.) We had a week off from all classes (no kung fu for C and I, no swimming for her) the week of xmas, but we started again today. Sifu asked if we had any resolutions this year - mine is to make green belt by the end of the year. I don't think that's too out of line. We are getting close to finishing learning our material to make blue, though that's me more than C. It's easier for me to focus during class. She does get it, but it's a lot of 'have fun" time for her and she really seems to do her best when she's "helping" the lower level students with their studies.

We've been playing a lot of multi-player ME3 with friends. The kids grow, learn more every day. They're doing well. I got a video of them trying to sing "Lollipop", which is particularly hilarious to me. :)

Between the kung fu classes and the gallstones and being ill for most of November and occupied with a billion things in December, my appetite has decreased some, which has the added bonus of turning what I am eating into useful stuff like muscle, and getting rid of less useful stuff like fat. It also means I've lost 10 lbs since my highest point (since R was born) back in August.

I'm starting to get my crafting mojo back. I made a couple of very simple hats as xmas gifts, and C asked for new mittens because her hands get so cold when we walk to her classroom. When we got to the shop to pick out yarn, she said "Oh and a hat too, please." So she has a hot pink hat with a sparkly carrier yarn that matched it impressively and she loves it. I got one of the two mittens (also pink, but light pink) done today and the second one cast on. Hopefully I'll be able to finish those before she goes back to school next week. She was pleased with the first, and that's what matters.

For serious, the things I want to do this year:

  1. Get my blue belt. And my green belt.
  2. Help C get her blue belt. And hopefully her green, too!
  3. Get back into spinning. My wheel hath sat idle too long.
  4. Make myself marketable again.
  5. Declutter some of the house. There's too many clothes and things that we just don't need.

And now I am up too late, and must sleep!