The tireds, I am full of them

It's been a busy couple of weeks since I was hired full time at Acquia. Upon signing my offer letter, I was told to book a flight to Boston for Build Week. If you aren't familiar with the idea - all of our engineering department got together on-site and Built Things. For most of a week. There are a lot of really, really smart people in that group. Hell, there's a lot of really smart people in the company.

I'm a real boy! Er. girl. whatever

Two weeks ago, I was formally Acquiasitioned, and I'm now a full time employee, with REAL BENEFITS AND STUFF.

This is a major win. Because paying for your own benefits bites ass. Also, 401k and stuff.

I've actually been contracting for Acquia since last May, but it took this long to get me hired on as a 'real', full-time employee. My team is awesome, and the teams I work with are awesome.

More things!

And here I swore to myself I was going to try to post, I dunno. Once a week maybe? At least?


So, here's the rundown.

I lost my housekeys (off my keyring. I had the rest of the ring, so.. wtf?) I got them back two weeks later when the mom of one of the kids in C's class realized she'd seen me walking by earlier, where a friend of HERS found some keys. YAY!

R went to the emergency room. We're guessing his eardrum ruptured, but we don't know for sure. Bleeding out the ear at 8 PM is not cool though.

Things I am up to right now

I've had a horrendous cold. Totally energy sucking, hacking, ugh nasty, whole house came down with it. Never get this cold.

The Broncos are kicking ass and taking names. Playoffs, baby!

C and I earned our second stripe towards our blue belts. One form and 10 more chin-na techniques to learn before we can test for blue belt. I'm hoping we can do that before May.

Had an interview at the beginning of last month for a possible full-time job. Hoping it works out.

So much time, so little to do! No, strike that, reverse it


Seriously - unless you've been without one for a while, you may not know. I haven't had a dishwasher in 10 years. Steph and Chris offered theirs up when they moved and we happily pounced on it. We've had it for 3 days. It's been GLORIOUS. I finish using a plate or a fork or a glass and I PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER and it BECOMES CLEAN and I do not have to do anything about it! It's AMAZING. 3 days and the kitchen hasn't looked utterly horribly disastrous!