The tireds, I am full of them

It's been a busy couple of weeks since I was hired full time at Acquia. Upon signing my offer letter, I was told to book a flight to Boston for Build Week. If you aren't familiar with the idea - all of our engineering department got together on-site and Built Things. For most of a week. There are a lot of really, really smart people in that group. Hell, there's a lot of really smart people in the company.

I flew to Boston and managed to catch a slightly earlier shuttle than my planned one out to the hotel in Burlington. BTW, the suites at the Hyatt House? NICE. Two bedroom suites, king beds, with full bathrooms. A full kitchen with a real stove and oven and refrigerator and microwave shared between the two rooms. The breakfast buffet did not suck either.

It was damn cold out there, but I was prepared (yes, some Californians know how to read a weather forecast). I had plenty of my own wool stuff to wear so I never really got cold except when I had to take my gloves off for something. Annoyingly, I somehow managed to pop stitches in my Rogue sweater in 4 places :( I was working on my super awesome Ribby Pulli though, so I had yarn to do emergency repairs with. i was trying to get that sweater done before I flew out; I finished it on the flight home. I promised my roommate pictures though, which I still need to do.

I got to meet my boss for real on sunday night, and saw a bunch of people I'd known for years. On monday, I got to meet most of the support folks, which was AWESOME. I got a good laugh when none of them recognized me until I turned sideways. "OH now I recognize the profile!" - my laptop is to the side of my actual work monitors, so nobody ever sees me face-on :D

I got to meet my own team, including our spectacular editor. I traded off time between her desk, and sitting with the support team; the docs team works to make sure we're all doing things the same way, but my *job* really is all about making support's life better and easier.

Monday and Tuesday night I went out with the awesome Tashabear, whom I have known for many years through livejournal and twitter and Ravelry. She took me out to dinner and Tuesday we went to her dojo, where I learned a karambit form and sensei sent me home with a practice weapon, WOO.

Wednesday was LAN party night. We played Xonotic, which is pretty much an open source version of Unreal Tournament. It was a lot of fun, and I was not always the worst player on the teams.

Thursday was something; there was a storm that swept through, and for a while we couldn't see the the parking lot - there was a bit where we were concerned about getting back to the hotel in the shuttles. I spent some quality time with the folks on my team who were there, but once the shuttles came, I fled for the hotel to make sure I'd get there. There was a great deal of drinking - I discovered (thanks to my coworkers) Angel's envy - bourbon aged in a port cask, oh yes.

Friday was fortunately uneventful. I struck gold on the Virgin America check in - the counter agent told me exactly when I needed to be back to my gate, how crappy the food was there, and where I should go for good food (at least, as good as you can get in an airport). So I got me a lobstah roll and made it to my plane.

I got a bit of sleep, then did breakfast for the family ( and Angie, who super helpfully stayed over so Earl did not have to drag the kids to SFO at 11 PM). We went up to the nephew's birthday party. I fell asleep at the same time R did (I lay down with MOMMY) and proceeded to pretty much sleep for the next 11 hours. Sunday was a day of being flat. I did some unpacking, but happily monday was a day off YAY and I unpacked and did some dishes and built a laundry sorter cart and culled some t-shirts ( there are at least two shirt quilts in my future). Holy carp I have so many shirts. I could make an entire quilt out of my Drupal shirts alone. I'm not, but I COULD.

Npw I need to integrate my work laptop (hello, MacBook Air!) into my KVM environment - which is going to cost me, because airs are not compatible with my kvm. But I've wanted to update mine to a USB one for a while and haven't managed to do so yet.

Tomorrow, we hopefully make it back to the dojo here at home, and I'll be able to crank out some real work. I'm part way through another project (hats for a costume), but my official "need to make" queue is empty after this. I want to do some clothes for the dolls I made for the kids, and I may very well start on that, but I think I'm going to pull out my spinning wheel and spend a little quality time with one of them, too.