September 2012

The NFL and refs

There's no question that reffing is always bad. It always gets worse every year. Fans get that, we bitch and moan and go on about things.

This year in the NFL, the league has locked out the refs, and brought in small college replacements. There's no question these folks are trying really hard to do the job, and do it right. Tonight's Seattle vs Green Bay game ended with a bizarre call, and there were some really egregious calls and non-calls. I saw someone on twitter say "It's just a game, get over it."


So many letters, so many signs

So many things I can't keep track of. C and I earned our first yellow belt stripe. We saw Rachel perform a few weeks ago. C is in school and seems to be enjoying it. R is finally sorta maybe starting to sleep reasonably. Perhaps around the end of the year I might start averaging more than 7 hours of sleep. Brain, fried, all the time. Not sure how to make that stop. also, whiny.

We got a play structure for the backyard. We finished it Monday. The kids LOVE it. It's definitely cool.