March 2012

More on privacy

As a followup to my previous post on Social Media and Privacy -

A friend tweeted this link today, which is just another "HI PEOPLE CAN FIND YOU" scary ass thing:

Visiting Denver

This week we're visiting the lovely city of Denver, CO. We have friends in the area so we decided to come in a week early before Drupalcon Denver.

Just a test

Instead of syndicating, Drupal still has a livejournal crossposting module. Let's see if it still works :)

My review of Mass Effect 3

I stayed up far, far too late last night finishing up my play through of Mass Effect 3. To say I'd been looking forward to this game would be more than a slight understatement. I *love* the Mass Effect series. I love the universe. It's my favorite series ever. I have 5 playthroughs I'd planned on importing. We played multiplayer in the demo like crazy. Its seriously the most fun multiplayer co-op game I've played since maybe Unreal tournament. I even loved this game almost all of the way through.

And then came the end: