Visiting Denver

This week we're visiting the lovely city of Denver, CO. We have friends in the area so we decided to come in a week early before Drupalcon Denver.

We went sledding with the kids for the first time - Sprout got to do that at least. Bud was too cold! Yesterday we visited the Downtown Aquarium. It was nice, with lots of open displays and TIGERS. Sprout even fed a ray! She was totally nervous but managed it. Terribly cute. Very cool restaurant inside as well, with a big tank you can eat dinner next to. Dessert there was a SHARK ATTACK. Molten lava cake, with a big scoop of vanilla icing and this huge shark shaped cookie stuck in the top. V amusing.

Today we visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. super, super cool. Well worth the visit. We spent about 4 hours there, and didn't see half of it. The kids had a ball, and I think Bud may have had as much fun as Sprout.

Tomorrow's plans include... Casa Bonita. It is apparently the 'mexican food' version of Chuck E Cheese. The kids should love it. I expect to be at least mildly disturbed.