My review of Mass Effect 3

I stayed up far, far too late last night finishing up my play through of Mass Effect 3. To say I'd been looking forward to this game would be more than a slight understatement. I *love* the Mass Effect series. I love the universe. It's my favorite series ever. I have 5 playthroughs I'd planned on importing. We played multiplayer in the demo like crazy. Its seriously the most fun multiplayer co-op game I've played since maybe Unreal tournament. I even loved this game almost all of the way through.

And then came the end:


If you're not ok with allowing access to birth control (of whatever form) to women, then you're an attempted murderer.

So Rick Santorum, colossal ass that he is, is all for preventing women from receiving birth control or abortions. He's also against us having jobs outside the home or, you know, being anything but a pair of boobs to play with.

The other GOP candidates seem to pretty much follow the same idea, but maybe not quite as stringently.

As far as I'm concerned, that makes him, and anyone who believes like that an attempted murderer. Why?