If you're not ok with allowing access to birth control (of whatever form) to women, then you're an attempted murderer.

So Rick Santorum, colossal ass that he is, is all for preventing women from receiving birth control or abortions. He's also against us having jobs outside the home or, you know, being anything but a pair of boobs to play with.

The other GOP candidates seem to pretty much follow the same idea, but maybe not quite as stringently.

As far as I'm concerned, that makes him, and anyone who believes like that an attempted murderer. Why?

In high school, I had a friend. We were 14 at the time. I was hanging out at her place, and she took a BC pill. Me, being even less able to keep my mouth shut then than I am not, went "BUH WHAT". Turns out that she'd started her period.. and it didn't stop. For weeks. Because she had access to BC, she, her mother, and her doctor were able to control the problem. If she hadn't had access to BC, what would have been the choice? Hysterectomy? Bleeding every day for the rest of her life? If she was lucky, she'd *only* be anemic - but bleeding all the time has this nasty tendency to kill you.

So, according to Santorum, my friend should have DIED, rather than have access to medication she desperately needed. He wants to kill young women like her. This is what people want in a president? A willingness to murder young women for having an easily controllable problem?

And abortions should be illegal, period? So... another person I know who had an ectopic pregnancy (ie, completely and utterly non-viable, and with great potential to cause her permanent physical harm, if not kill her) couldn't have an abortion? You want to kill her because her body didn't do something right?

HOW DARE YOU. That's *murder* - the deliberate denial of treatment that would save a life. Murder.

Seriously, I'd with the fucker knowledge and understanding, but I wouldn't want to do that to the women in his life. No woman deserves that, even if they're stupid enough to be associated with an chauvinistic pig like him.

Also, if we women should 'stay at home' and do things like 'make the best of a bad situation', well, if you can come up with a way to legislate compassion, kindness, and a refusal to harm a woman, EVER into men.. also, hate to break it to you, moron, but women have traditionally 'worked outside the home' as well. Yeah, women pretty much did child rearing/protection, but they were OUT IN THE FIELDS, WORKING. Gathering food! JUST LIKE THE MEN.

Too bad these people are too fucking blind and hypocritical to see that.