February 2012

Social Media and Privacy

So I used to use Foursquare a lot. It helped me discover a couple of nifty places I would not have otherwise known of. But I stopped using it as anything other than a reference tool (mostly) after I thought about it a bit.

What happens if I check in at my daughter's preschool every day? And some freak decides that they're gonna take a look and see what they can see!

If I don't set my privacy settings correctly:

If you're not ok with allowing access to birth control (of whatever form) to women, then you're an attempted murderer.

So Rick Santorum, colossal ass that he is, is all for preventing women from receiving birth control or abortions. He's also against us having jobs outside the home or, you know, being anything but a pair of boobs to play with.

The other GOP candidates seem to pretty much follow the same idea, but maybe not quite as stringently.

As far as I'm concerned, that makes him, and anyone who believes like that an attempted murderer. Why?

Sick, with a side of insanity

In the last couple of weeks I've had a job interview, a test site built for that interview, approached for an article for Drupal Watchdog (which I am so not done with yet and they're getting kind of desperate), a bunch of stuff for TopNotch that became suddenly time critical, and really, really sick kids.