Sick, with a side of insanity

In the last couple of weeks I've had a job interview, a test site built for that interview, approached for an article for Drupal Watchdog (which I am so not done with yet and they're getting kind of desperate), a bunch of stuff for TopNotch that became suddenly time critical, and really, really sick kids.

I kind of pride myself on not being a 'run to the doctor for every little thing' parent. Doctors are busy, and they have a lot of people to see and I really would prefer they spend their time on people who are actually sick. Except that both kids were really sick. Again. This time I was justified though, and I'm so glad that FINALLY we seem to be on the tail end of this illness. It's been weeks and weeks since the house was generally 'well'. I'm so done with sickness.

Must.. finish.. Panelizer... article...