December 2011

My desk has a down side

So I've been storing xmas gifts up on top of the hutch of my desk. It's totally unreachable by the kids, and if the stuff's in boxes, they can't see it much either.

Cupcake likes to sleep up there. It's TALL and it gets her away from all the other cats.



For the record, drush gets very unhappy when you have drupal installs living inside each other. Luckily for me, I seem to have fixed the site, except that every. single. time. I upgrade, I have to recopy my .htaccess file back over again. I wish I knew why that happened, but it does. I could do something nutty like use teh googlez for it, but gosh, that's WORK and it's so much easier to just complain.

Look, A post I started and never posted!


Almost Christmas

So it's a week to Christmas. I've been trying to work and not having nearly as much luck with it as I'd like. My brother and his family are here, along with their 3 cats, which is making for a very full house. There are lots of dishes and lots of cleaning and lots of 'try to keep the kids occupied'. It's very tempting on most days to black hole certain sites at the firewall to force attention outward from the computer.


House of plague!

Mom and the kids have both been sick for most of the last week and change, I'm trying to work and failing a lot. I'm not really happy about that, it's damn frustrating. I feel like I'm letting everyone down, and it makes me unhappy.

At least I can test a patch for the theme. Seems to be working ok so far.