My desk has a down side

So I've been storing xmas gifts up on top of the hutch of my desk. It's totally unreachable by the kids, and if the stuff's in boxes, they can't see it much either.

Cupcake likes to sleep up there. It's TALL and it gets her away from all the other cats.

Turns out that there's a couple inches of gap between the back of the hutch, and the wall. I knew this, but it didn't really penetrate my tiny brain. Cupcake ended up knocking something off. Then I knocked over two other things. Me: Crap. Well, they'll fall to the floo.... oh, right. The desk actually touches the wall, because it's got a curve... the hutch doesn't.


Luckily, I managed to use a ruler where there's a gap between the desk surface, and the hutch, to push stuff to the center between our desks so the stuff fell to the floor there and I could pull it out. If I even put anything thin and heavy and long back there though? SCREWED.