Summer keeps rolling

So I've got all the material for my brown belt test (seen it anyway, remembering it all is an issue). Except for that part where I have to do 40 pushups and... yeah, ow. So, I grabbed the Hundred pushups app that a couple of friends recommended, and I started working on it. Pushups are tough, yo.

Picking up my feet

Yesterday I had teacher training at the dojo, then in the afternoon I went back early for a private lesson, then I did the kids' class. All martial arts, all the time.

The teacher training is going to be so super helpful in getting the details of the forms down; as sifu put it: "You have to be twice as good as perfect so that when the students try to be half as good as you.. they're perfect." I'm really excited to be doing this.


To learn, you must teach

Work: Still good. Just under a month to go on the contract. Still crossing fingers. Hopeful, because people seem to be digging having someone doing what I'm doing. It's crazy, I know. You listen to the support team, you write up what they say, you capture information they're sharing with each other and gosh, lives get a little better. I've even had a couple of people who were disappointed I wasn't at the onsite this week.


Stuff and things

ob 'i suck at posting' comment.

Ok, so. I'm supposed to be at 75% of recovery for working out. I'm definitely at BEST at that point. I'm definitely not 100%. In another week or so I'm supposed to be back to 100%. Theoretically I can test for blue belt at that point. I should actually answer my questions and turn them in so I can do start actually prepping for that. Sprout is getting there. I'm pretty proud of her.

Things I am up to right now

I've had a horrendous cold. Totally energy sucking, hacking, ugh nasty, whole house came down with it. Never get this cold.

The Broncos are kicking ass and taking names. Playoffs, baby!

C and I earned our second stripe towards our blue belts. One form and 10 more chin-na techniques to learn before we can test for blue belt. I'm hoping we can do that before May.

Had an interview at the beginning of last month for a possible full-time job. Hoping it works out.