Picking up my feet

Yesterday I had teacher training at the dojo, then in the afternoon I went back early for a private lesson, then I did the kids' class. All martial arts, all the time.

The teacher training is going to be so super helpful in getting the details of the forms down; as sifu put it: "You have to be twice as good as perfect so that when the students try to be half as good as you.. they're perfect." I'm really excited to be doing this.

In my personal lesson, I got the rest of my chin na (grapples), and the rest of tai peng sin kun (great bird spreads the wings). That means I'm already getting close to my green belt test. I ... didn't expect that already. I think I'm more concerned about the physical test than the actual material. I'm pretty sure I can do most of it, but 20 pushups is where I might fall down - pun not really intended.

I looked ahead to the green belt test. I've got to step up some. The test up to brown is definitely tougher. I should really push on that, so I'm ready.