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ob 'i suck at posting' comment.

Ok, so. I'm supposed to be at 75% of recovery for working out. I'm definitely at BEST at that point. I'm definitely not 100%. In another week or so I'm supposed to be back to 100%. Theoretically I can test for blue belt at that point. I should actually answer my questions and turn them in so I can do start actually prepping for that. Sprout is getting there. I'm pretty proud of her.

We joined a CSA-ish sort of thing. We've joined the Full Circle Farms box on a weekly basis. I am currently *thoroughly* pleased by their stuff. I have never had such fantastic brussels sprouts. We're eating kale and chard and things we might maybe otherwise eat, but since it comes in the box we feel obligated to eat it and WOW is it so very good. Plus, we can't keep the little guy out of the pears and apples. seriously. I had to move the fruit basked to keep him out of it. He'd eat 3/4 of an apple and then go get a new one. We really like the deliveries. They get here around 11 pm Monday nights, and we can get some amount of groceries (the bread! YUM), and the choices we get are quite nice.

We also are trying out a meat CSA: The Foragers, and Earl put a picture up on his thing to see. I feel good about the whole CSA thing; I hope the meat is as good as it sounds. There's been a bunch of "zomg, you people are dum! Organics aren't any more nutritious than non organic stuff!" which, HELLO, not the point. I want better quality, fresher, more humanely and safely raised food. I want fewer pesticides and antibiotics in what I eat. I want stuff that's been raised to *be* food. Not to just to be profit.

Also, I may have had a Cosmopolitan or three. heeeeee.