daily life

New year, moar stuff

I failed to do a lot of things I'd intended to last year. I never made it back to the dojo. But I've washed my gi! So now it's clean and I don't have any other excuse besides "I'm tired, meh!"


It's 2016!

Holy shit!

There's been sickness and food and food and family and holy crap the amount of fondue has been ridiculous by SO TASTY. Also bread pudding with homemade bread you DONT EVEN KNOW.

Anyway. The holidays are officially over, and 2016 has started. I figured I should get back on a number of bandwagons. Or something.

So, last year I said "back to the martial arts oh and craft 15 minutes a day".


Summer keeps rolling

So I've got all the material for my brown belt test (seen it anyway, remembering it all is an issue). Except for that part where I have to do 40 pushups and... yeah, ow. So, I grabbed the Hundred pushups app that a couple of friends recommended, and I started working on it. Pushups are tough, yo.

The tireds, I am full of them

It's been a busy couple of weeks since I was hired full time at Acquia. Upon signing my offer letter, I was told to book a flight to Boston for Build Week. If you aren't familiar with the idea - all of our engineering department got together on-site and Built Things. For most of a week. There are a lot of really, really smart people in that group. Hell, there's a lot of really smart people in the company.

I'm a real boy! Er. girl. whatever

Two weeks ago, I was formally Acquiasitioned, and I'm now a full time employee, with REAL BENEFITS AND STUFF.

This is a major win. Because paying for your own benefits bites ass. Also, 401k and stuff.

I've actually been contracting for Acquia since last May, but it took this long to get me hired on as a 'real', full-time employee. My team is awesome, and the teams I work with are awesome.

A little here, a little there

It hasn't been a *bad* couple of weeks here, but it hasn't been the best either. Everyone except Earl came down with a cold (in succession, including both people who nanny for us). It's not the worst cold I've ever had, but it was enough to make one feel like a ball of crap for a couple of days. Thankfully, everyone seems to be pretty much over it now, except for a bit of a lingering cough. Because it's that time of year.


More things!

And here I swore to myself I was going to try to post, I dunno. Once a week maybe? At least?


So, here's the rundown.

I lost my housekeys (off my keyring. I had the rest of the ring, so.. wtf?) I got them back two weeks later when the mom of one of the kids in C's class realized she'd seen me walking by earlier, where a friend of HERS found some keys. YAY!

R went to the emergency room. We're guessing his eardrum ruptured, but we don't know for sure. Bleeding out the ear at 8 PM is not cool though.

Other things going on

C had a birthday. R is growing, though we'd like him to grow a bit faster. And maybe heavier :) I'm working. I've learned a lot of new things. I've also had a few issues just trying to keep myself in gear. Could be better, could be worse.