So much time, so little to do! No, strike that, reverse it


Seriously - unless you've been without one for a while, you may not know. I haven't had a dishwasher in 10 years. Steph and Chris offered theirs up when they moved and we happily pounced on it. We've had it for 3 days. It's been GLORIOUS. I finish using a plate or a fork or a glass and I PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER and it BECOMES CLEAN and I do not have to do anything about it! It's AMAZING. 3 days and the kitchen hasn't looked utterly horribly disastrous!

Earl and I have been playing Lego Rock Band in the meantime, after C had fun playing it at Neil and Stacy's house a couple of weeks ago. C is very entertained by singing "GHOST BUSTERS!!" and she does an ok job at the drums in super easy mode. She gets bored after a couple of songs though, unless she's singing Yellow Submarine.

I'm also playing Mass Effect, more or less one planet/mission set a day. It's a good break from "the kids are asleep" to "Now I can go to bed". It and the shower are my "me time" right now :)

I'm woefully behind on a lot of the Drupal stuff I've been wanting/needing to get to. There's a whole lot of Views and HUGE amounts of Panels documentation that needs dealing with. There are patches that have been sitting in the queue for months and I just can't get to them. What time I am getting, I'm spending on actual, ya know, Paying Work. I've learned a lot in my time with TNT, and I've got a lot more to learn. I really want to get back to cleaning up our maintained project documentation.

I also want to potentially start working on Drupal Building Blocks updates for Drupal 7. That could be kind of ugly on the CCK side, since the addition to core. The UI stuff is not all that different, but the storage mechanisms are and stuff. Panels isn't so bad, but the Views UI in 7.x-3.x is different enough that that entire section needs to be retooled. We haven't been approached yet, but I think I'd still like to update it for our own documentation purposes.