July 2013

Cleaning house

Literally. All of the baby-baby stuff is out of my garage. There's near a dozen bags and boxes of clothes and other stuff that's ready to go.

Picking up my feet

Yesterday I had teacher training at the dojo, then in the afternoon I went back early for a private lesson, then I did the kids' class. All martial arts, all the time.

The teacher training is going to be so super helpful in getting the details of the forms down; as sifu put it: "You have to be twice as good as perfect so that when the students try to be half as good as you.. they're perfect." I'm really excited to be doing this.


To learn, you must teach

Work: Still good. Just under a month to go on the contract. Still crossing fingers. Hopeful, because people seem to be digging having someone doing what I'm doing. It's crazy, I know. You listen to the support team, you write up what they say, you capture information they're sharing with each other and gosh, lives get a little better. I've even had a couple of people who were disappointed I wasn't at the onsite this week.


Dear hypocritical shitheads^W^WRepublicans

Perhaps if ya'll spent more time instructing men on what they shouldn't do with their bodies (rape, harass, abuse, sexually assault women), instead of spending your time ORDERING women and doctors about what they absolutely ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO (tell the truth, make their own decisions, have privacy in the doctor patient relationship), maybe, just MAYBE, you'd reach the same goal that us more liberal, pro choice are also after.

Fewer abortions.