August 2013

One of those things

I don't understand why anyone would want to be in the military now - I'm looking at the case of Pvt. Manning.

Manning leaked confidential docs, and yes, that's bad. OTOH, Manning brought to light some serious atrocities our country was committing and that is VERY GOOD. We should know better, and we should be holding our leaders accountable for this kind of bullshit. We're not, but that's another post.

Moving moving moving

Things are insane around here.

We're redoing the family room. Like, completely. It's.. a chore. We're packing up the entire room for moving. We're turning the walls into real walls. We're putting in new carpet that doesn't suck. It's.. so much stuff.

I'm eval'ing/testing for my green belt Wednesday evening. C is testing formally for her blue belt. I'm really proud of her.