One of those things

I don't understand why anyone would want to be in the military now - I'm looking at the case of Pvt. Manning.

Manning leaked confidential docs, and yes, that's bad. OTOH, Manning brought to light some serious atrocities our country was committing and that is VERY GOOD. We should know better, and we should be holding our leaders accountable for this kind of bullshit. We're not, but that's another post.

I read an article on Reuters today ( which contains this quote:

"The message will be sent in a loud and clear fashion to all those in uniform that they do not get to make decisions on what is legitimate and what is not, with regard to U.S. policy," said Steven Bucci, a foreign policy specialist at the Heritage Foundation.

So... we our soldiers don't get to make decisions on what is legitimate or isn't, and yet, if they do something horrible (under orders), they're accountable for it.

Sounds like a massive catch 22 to me.