Moving moving moving

Things are insane around here.

We're redoing the family room. Like, completely. It's.. a chore. We're packing up the entire room for moving. We're turning the walls into real walls. We're putting in new carpet that doesn't suck. It's.. so much stuff.

I'm eval'ing/testing for my green belt Wednesday evening. C is testing formally for her blue belt. I'm really proud of her.

Teacher training is really something. There's so many things I could be doing so much better that it is kind of frustrating, but also really good - I know I'm getting better. I'm also starting to look ahead; I'm reasonably confident in that my current material falls into the 'acceptable' range. So I'm vaguely looking ahead to the next test - it's not the material that's the killer for me in general, it's OMG ALL THE PUSHUPS. Back in February I wasn't even sure I'd get to green by the end of the year, now I'm looking at the distant possibility that I *might* have the material for my next belt before the end of the year and .. well, the requirements aren't quite as bad as I thought, but they ought to be a challenge.

So much to do!