January 2014

I'm a real boy! Er. girl. whatever

Two weeks ago, I was formally Acquiasitioned, and I'm now a full time employee, with REAL BENEFITS AND STUFF.

This is a major win. Because paying for your own benefits bites ass. Also, 401k and stuff.

I've actually been contracting for Acquia since last May, but it took this long to get me hired on as a 'real', full-time employee. My team is awesome, and the teams I work with are awesome.

Through the holidays

It has been a long couple of months.

We have pretty much been sick since Thanksgiving with one virus after another.

We had a fantastic trip to Disneyland right before that, though, with the Brauer family, plus we got to see the Shannon-Moore family while there, and the Seldmans as well. It was SUPER awesome to get to see everyone and having the extra adults to keep eyes on the kids was awesome. SO much nicer and easier than going it alone.