Through the holidays

It has been a long couple of months.

We have pretty much been sick since Thanksgiving with one virus after another.

We had a fantastic trip to Disneyland right before that, though, with the Brauer family, plus we got to see the Shannon-Moore family while there, and the Seldmans as well. It was SUPER awesome to get to see everyone and having the extra adults to keep eyes on the kids was awesome. SO much nicer and easier than going it alone.

I was dumb and thought I saw a friend I had in high school, but I wasn't sure it was her so I didn't yell out. IT WAS HER AND I MISSED HER. Bah.

Christmas was also nice; we had a small gathering and there was delicious foods.

We also got a new bathroom! The master bath was remodeled a few days after Xmas, and finished on NYE. The vanity and cabinet match the other bathroom, but the flooring is nicer and it's SO BRIGHT. Plus I got to hang up some artwork that we were given YEARS ago but had no real place to put.

I am knitting again, and regularly. I made a couple of hats for someone at C's school for christmas, and then started on a doll for C. R wants one too, so that one is in progress. I made some mittens and a hat for him already. Ooh, I should totally do that for his doll, too! :D I have a ton of projects that I actually want to work on, too.

We binge-watched all of Sherlock in the last few days. So much fun! I haven't actually watched Benedict Cumberbatch in anything before (no, I am sorry, but Smaug doesn't count), so now I kind of see what people are talking about. Also binge watching now means hey, I only have to wait a couple of weeks for the season to premier here :D I already liked Martin Freeman from seeing the Hobbit, so hey, it was a win.

I've been playing Skyrim when I can, and working, and all that kind of stuff. I suspect there will be less Skyrim and more knitting in the next few months because we're watching SO MANY TV SHOWS right now and they're all starting up again this week.

Agents of Shield
The Blacklist (not a great show, but James Spader OM NOM NOM SCENERY)
Hawaii 5 0 (granted this is kind of at the bottom of the list but I like to look at Alex O'Laughlin and listen to Scott Caan deliver lines)
... I'm missing something. We pretty much dropped White Collar a couple of episodes into the season because neither of us liked the way the storyline was going.

We also got to Skype with Rachel Coleman yesterday! That was super cool. It was the reward we chose for the Rachel and the Treeschoolers kickstarter. I admit, it was pretty warming when she got on with us and said "Oh! It's you guys!" :)

And um. I guess that is most of the news that I can currently think of.