January 2013

Continuing to do well!

I am, anyway. The kids, not so much. Colds and stuff are rampaging through the house again, which is particularly bad for the little guy. He's asleep, propped up on my body pillow so he coughs less. He woke up at 5 this morning :(

Gall bladders? Who needs those?

Apparently not me - thus far my recovery has been fairly mild and going well. There's some bruising around one of the surgical sites (the belly, where they have to wiggle the camera around and all that good stuff.) I haven't touched pain meds in close to two days, and I haven't had any meds for it at all since last night. I'm feeling pretty good about that. I got out of the house today for a couple of things, which was good.


Not so new weight loss technique!

I've discovered a combination of things that makes weight loss SO EASY.

1) develop gallstones.
2) decrease fat intake dramatically to prevent attacks
3) Eat much smaller meals to help prevent attacks
4) Go to the dojo 3 days a week for 45-50 minutes

What's that you say? Choosing your foods carefully and exercising can contribute to significant weight loss? THE HELL YOU SAY.


A-cleaning we will go

It's no secret that our house collects a lot of... stuff. There are three adults and two young children here. We own a great many books and movies and games. And toys. So many toys! And craft stuff. We also have particular blind spots to items in the corners, and everyone knows flat surfaces accumulate stuff.

And it's 2013

The last couple of weeks have been spent in various forms of illness around the house, and a lot of "do nothing". Earl has been under the weather and strained himself on Christmas, then got a cold. I had an attack of what was apparently gall bladder stones (oh, yay), and that's going to come to an ultimate conclusion probably sooner rather than later.