Gall bladders? Who needs those?

Apparently not me - thus far my recovery has been fairly mild and going well. There's some bruising around one of the surgical sites (the belly, where they have to wiggle the camera around and all that good stuff.) I haven't touched pain meds in close to two days, and I haven't had any meds for it at all since last night. I'm feeling pretty good about that. I got out of the house today for a couple of things, which was good. I'm tired, but not dying for a nap, which is an improvement over yesterday and the day before - I was sternly informed by the anaesthesiologist that I was to take TWO NAPS on Saturday.

The roughest part is the 'no lifting' restriction. R has been sick and "Pickee up! Pick up please!" and I'm just not allowed :/ After my followup next week I should be able to, and then I can really start recovering stamina and all that good stuff. If I'm lucky, I'll even keep the weight loss. :D