Continuing to do well!

I am, anyway. The kids, not so much. Colds and stuff are rampaging through the house again, which is particularly bad for the little guy. He's asleep, propped up on my body pillow so he coughs less. He woke up at 5 this morning :(

I feel good today; I'm having trouble getting to sleep for no particular reason I can come up with. Last night I was tired and *ready* to sleep, but it took a while to actually get there. I ate a good dinner, and then a ridiculously fatty dessert with no ill effects. I feel better than I did (in terms of eating) than I did before the surgery. I'm pretty happy about that. I'm going to keep trying to stick to lower fats if I can, and watch the caffiene, just because it's a good idea. I'm still dropping weight, which I'm happy with. I was down to 161 and change this morning. I literally saw that weight for a week or two after R was born, but I haven't really been down this far since before C was born.

Other things that are making me happy:

  • I came up with an idea that might get C more interested in knitting - she likes super heroes! Maybe she'd like to make a cape for her sock monkey :)
  • I finished a Code Academy course on JavaScript.
  • Fate Core is kicking ass. It reached its top stretch goal! I'm totally ecstatic for Fred, Rob, and everyone associated with the project. There's going to be some awesome stuff coming out of this.
  • My husband is awesome. He's been super supportive and helpful and amazing and non complaining through this entire surgery thing, making sure I'm getting enough rest, making me food, dealing with the house and kids. It's been super.
  • My friends (especially Colleen and Angie and my mom) who have helped with the kids and kept them from going too insane and climbing on me while I've got holes in my gut.