March 2013

Tree hugging crunchy hippy freaks

I made dinner tonight. A cross rib roast from our meat CSA, with chard from our produce CSA, and rice leftover from last night :)

The roast? It could've used some more spicing - I didn't give it enough coating to get the flavors all the way down into the meat, but even without that? WOW, it was so good. I pulled it out of the oven at around 130F, and it sat for about 45 minutes while I cut chard and sauteed it in olive oil, garlic, and salt.


For the sake of...

Me: After trying two recipes from the Sweet Melissa cookbook, I am willing to tentatively declare it a winner.
Earl: Yes, but clearly more tests are required.
Me: I am willing to continue experiments to further refine my findings.
Earl: For the sake of our bodies, perhaps you should make them only a couple of times a month.
Me: .. agreed.

Because the chocolate cake was SO GOOD.

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Stuff and things

ob 'i suck at posting' comment.

Ok, so. I'm supposed to be at 75% of recovery for working out. I'm definitely at BEST at that point. I'm definitely not 100%. In another week or so I'm supposed to be back to 100%. Theoretically I can test for blue belt at that point. I should actually answer my questions and turn them in so I can do start actually prepping for that. Sprout is getting there. I'm pretty proud of her.