Tree hugging crunchy hippy freaks

I made dinner tonight. A cross rib roast from our meat CSA, with chard from our produce CSA, and rice leftover from last night :)

The roast? It could've used some more spicing - I didn't give it enough coating to get the flavors all the way down into the meat, but even without that? WOW, it was so good. I pulled it out of the oven at around 130F, and it sat for about 45 minutes while I cut chard and sauteed it in olive oil, garlic, and salt.

Overall? I'm very happy with how dinner came out. I'm also glad there's some leftovers for the roast. I think that may be lunch tomorrow. Or breakfast. Steak and eggs are good. On a bagel is even more gooder. I packed a lunch for the young miss already, with the roast she didn't finish (because she was on her fifth piece or something).

Thus far? CSA = Win.