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Thus far, we are SUPER happy with our procude pseudo-CSA, Full Circle Farms. They started up in Washington as a true CSA, and then, I think, bought a group down here, and organize distribution. I guess it's still CSA, but I suppose that depends on how pure a definition you want to hold to. Regardless, the food has been amazing. The brussels sprouts are so so good. It's encouraged us to try new stuff like different kinds of kale, and chard, broccolini, and so on. The fruits have been really good, and the box is super customizable. We can exclude up to 5 things, and they'll never send them to us (bell peppers - shudder, oranges - we have a tree, papaya - ew, etc). Plus they have a nice assortment of other groceries you can get - one of our favorites is a shop that does partially baked bread. You can stick it in the freezer, and when you want it you stick it in the oven for 30 minutes or so and voila, bread! Yum. If anyone local wants to try them out, go here: :) I won't lie, a $10 credit is nice.


I'm now capable of actually doing the full workout so I could potentially pass the physical test. It's close to the 'strain myself' limit, but no longer past it. That's a good thing. I think I'm ready to test for blue, and my instructors seem to agree :) C isn't quite there, but she's getting closer. I really think she knows most of the material, but it's hard for her to just pull it out of her head on demand. I need to do the written part of my test.


With Earl having to leave the house more for work, and me... well, not. I'm going to have to step up and do more of the cooking. Instead, I'm making SWEETS. I acquired the Sweet Melissa Cookbook and made chocolate peanut butter truffles.They were tasty. Yesterday, the Brauer family and Tim and Meghan were visiting and I figured to make a special dessert, so I made Malted Chocolate cake. O. M. G.

Other stuff

I am finally working through my Head First PHP & MySQL book. It's slow going, but I've picked up a lot more understanding of both. Maybe I can actually be useful again at some point.