everything's a blur

I had PRK corrective vision surgery on friday. WOO! It was neat and scary at the same time. I'm 5 days into my recovery, and my vision is apparently 20/25, which is better than the average 20/45 or 20/50 that most people have at this stage. The protective lenses are out, which is excellent because they were just exactly like wearing the same contacts for 5 days. Ew.

I have a follow up in a week.


Gall bladders? Who needs those?

Apparently not me - thus far my recovery has been fairly mild and going well. There's some bruising around one of the surgical sites (the belly, where they have to wiggle the camera around and all that good stuff.) I haven't touched pain meds in close to two days, and I haven't had any meds for it at all since last night. I'm feeling pretty good about that. I got out of the house today for a couple of things, which was good.


Getting smaller?

When I got out of high school, I was about 125. I walked or biked back and forth to school so I was in ok shape. Not great, but ok. The job I mainly worked in college involved being on my feet for anywhere from 2-15 hours several days a week, with not much time to eat. I think I managed 130 or so in that range.