September 2011

Transition mostly complete

I'm set up on the new laptop now. There are some definite quirks with Win 7 to get used to, but having a laptop that can run both its own monitor and the big monitor so I have two heads is pretty fine.The desk setup is less than ideal,ergonomically, but we're going to get new desks for the office. I suspect I'll just get a second monitor and that should make a big difference.


Behold the shiny!

So Earl ordered me a new laptop last week and it showed up yesterday. I, of course, have failed to finish setting it up, and am still using my old T-61. I have to install a bunch of stuff and that takes all day. It's a Lenovo IdeaPad Z750. It came with Windows and Chrome, of all things, preinstalled. I may make a go at trying Chrome for my primary browser on the new machine; Firefox has just gotten worse and worse over time with the memory management.

A first for me

I just submitted a session for BADCamp. I've never done one before; I thought about titling it "How to make your maintainers hate you", but we thought that was kind of negative, so I went for a more positive title.

We'll see if it gets accepted.

In other news, seriously, Broncos? Also, nice failure by ESPN to catch Gruden saying "Shit, get rid of the ball!"

Speech is a skill

Rachel Coleman, one of the most inspiring women I have ever had the fortune to know (YEAH, I KNOW HER. I actually MET her and I can TOTALLY SAY THAT) posted, again, about cochlear implants and how damnit, they don't 'fix' everything. Read her post here. Speech is a skill. The ability to *communicate*? That is invaluable.


Created a non-kid related blog!

I decided to go ahead and create a non-directly kid related blog. I have Cranky Penguin which was originally intended to be a personal blog, but ended up locked down because that's where I keep most of the pictures and other details of what my kids are doing. I've been toying for a while with the idea of making a non-Livejournal blog since I don't use that much anymore either. Since the baby is passed out on my shoulder, the time has come, and I broke down and did the install.