May 2013

Work + Play = busy

I've been contracting for Acquia for close to a month. My team is awesome. I'm doing work I love doing. I'm learning new stuff. It's pretty awesome.

So many letters, so little time!

R is for Reuben, whose ear is fine. Which we found out like two weeks ago :P

J is for Job. I started a new contract position. Two and a half weeks ago. It is awesome. My team is awesome. I'm having fun. I am making the moneys.

E is for ew. I forgot to brush my teeth. Better go fix that.

K is for kung-fu. Started learning (barely) the next form I need in my blue belt material.

F is for fun! This is a very long weekend. Kublacon ho!

More things!

And here I swore to myself I was going to try to post, I dunno. Once a week maybe? At least?


So, here's the rundown.

I lost my housekeys (off my keyring. I had the rest of the ring, so.. wtf?) I got them back two weeks later when the mom of one of the kids in C's class realized she'd seen me walking by earlier, where a friend of HERS found some keys. YAY!

R went to the emergency room. We're guessing his eardrum ruptured, but we don't know for sure. Bleeding out the ear at 8 PM is not cool though.