So many letters, so little time!

R is for Reuben, whose ear is fine. Which we found out like two weeks ago :P

J is for Job. I started a new contract position. Two and a half weeks ago. It is awesome. My team is awesome. I'm having fun. I am making the moneys.

E is for ew. I forgot to brush my teeth. Better go fix that.

K is for kung-fu. Started learning (barely) the next form I need in my blue belt material.

F is for fun! This is a very long weekend. Kublacon ho!

O is for OW, MY ASS. Nearly $3000 in medical bills for a freaking routine surgery. Ow. And yet, if I were poor, I'd be forced to be miserable, and potentially agonizing, life threatening pain, because I lacked insurance :/

N is to note that the surgery was for my gall bladder, not my ass.

W is for Work, work, work. WRITE ALL THE THINGS.