Work + Play = busy

I've been contracting for Acquia for close to a month. My team is awesome. I'm doing work I love doing. I'm learning new stuff. It's pretty awesome.

I've learned two of the 6 groups of things towards my green belt. My teachers are having me work with the white belts to teach them stuff, so I'm learning a lot there too! Lots about "wow my form is actually terrible there, let's fix that before I teach them a bad habit". It's also a ton of fun. I have a staff form, a bird form, stick attacks, and 5 chin na (grab me, I dare you. Or don't. It could go badly for both of us.)

We went to KublaCon this past weekend. C did fantastic for most of it. She tried new games (Wooden Wars was especially awesome.) We bought Fluxx, which turns out to be at a great level for her. Lots of games of that.

Frustrated with the YMCA right now; C has been in classes, but they won't tell you until the end of a session what class your kid should be in next. By the time you KNOW that, the sessions are already full. So, by being a regular, you're punished for waiting to find out. I'm kind of pissed about that. If you're making ME (and every other parent whose kid is already in a class) wait, you should make *everyone* wait. I think I'm going to write a letter.