A-cleaning we will go

It's no secret that our house collects a lot of... stuff. There are three adults and two young children here. We own a great many books and movies and games. And toys. So many toys! And craft stuff. We also have particular blind spots to items in the corners, and everyone knows flat surfaces accumulate stuff.

Things I am up to right now

I've had a horrendous cold. Totally energy sucking, hacking, ugh nasty, whole house came down with it. Never get this cold.

The Broncos are kicking ass and taking names. Playoffs, baby!

C and I earned our second stripe towards our blue belts. One form and 10 more chin-na techniques to learn before we can test for blue belt. I'm hoping we can do that before May.

Had an interview at the beginning of last month for a possible full-time job. Hoping it works out.

Almost Christmas

So it's a week to Christmas. I've been trying to work and not having nearly as much luck with it as I'd like. My brother and his family are here, along with their 3 cats, which is making for a very full house. There are lots of dishes and lots of cleaning and lots of 'try to keep the kids occupied'. It's very tempting on most days to black hole certain sites at the firewall to force attention outward from the computer.


House of plague!

Mom and the kids have both been sick for most of the last week and change, I'm trying to work and failing a lot. I'm not really happy about that, it's damn frustrating. I feel like I'm letting everyone down, and it makes me unhappy.

At least I can test a patch for the theme. Seems to be working ok so far.

Things what I have done this weekend

Preparations are underway for the turkey partaking festivities. The house has been deteriorating for a while - between Earl working so many hours, and me working and the kids there's just no time, ever. This weekend, in no particular order:


Insanity, I haz it.

Today is been a day of annoyances. It's culminating in my mouse wheel once again failing to scroll and that making me irrationally frustrated. I have a bunch of docs I need to write for TNT with the new Fusion release, and I have a bunch of stuff to do for a Logrus contract and NOTHING is going right today.

So much time, so little to do! No, strike that, reverse it


Seriously - unless you've been without one for a while, you may not know. I haven't had a dishwasher in 10 years. Steph and Chris offered theirs up when they moved and we happily pounced on it. We've had it for 3 days. It's been GLORIOUS. I finish using a plate or a fork or a glass and I PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER and it BECOMES CLEAN and I do not have to do anything about it! It's AMAZING. 3 days and the kitchen hasn't looked utterly horribly disastrous!