Things what I have done this weekend

Preparations are underway for the turkey partaking festivities. The house has been deteriorating for a while - between Earl working so many hours, and me working and the kids there's just no time, ever. This weekend, in no particular order:

I've run the dishwasher 3 times
DO ALL THE LAUNDRY (it's almost all put away even)
Changed the sheets
Put away the last of my crap except for one very small box) from my old desk.
Done two reading lessons with Sprout.
Cleaned the dining room table
Cleaned the kitchen (trust me, this is a separate effort from runnign the dishwasher)
Put a bunch of random craft stuff in the craft bin, random costume stuff back in the dress-up bin
Cleaned two TRASH BAGS full of expired food out of the pantry. There was stuff from 2003! Tomato soup! WTF! Neither of us even EATS tomato soup, and we moved into this house in 2004. WHY DID THIS EVEN MOVE WITH US?! Also? 15 cup of soups and a handful of ramen packs. Ew.
Finished and seamed the hood of my Rogue sweater (why did I think that was so much harder than it actually was?) Also cast on the sleeves.
Cleaned up almost all the stuff from the floor in front of the main pantry area.

Sadly, there is still SO MUCH to do.
OK, that list is a lot longer than I thought it was. No wonder I'm tired :D