Quiet activity time

It's no secret that we're a device heavy house. The kids get more screen time than they probably should but HEY, I am pretty bad about it myself sooooo.

But in order to get the kids headed towards bed, devices are down at 8:30; it's a half hour of quiet activity time, and then reading time. It's doing some good things for the kids; they're definitely relaxing more before trying to get to sleep, which is a good thing.


Stuff and things

ob 'i suck at posting' comment.

Ok, so. I'm supposed to be at 75% of recovery for working out. I'm definitely at BEST at that point. I'm definitely not 100%. In another week or so I'm supposed to be back to 100%. Theoretically I can test for blue belt at that point. I should actually answer my questions and turn them in so I can do start actually prepping for that. Sprout is getting there. I'm pretty proud of her.

Social Media and Privacy

So I used to use Foursquare a lot. It helped me discover a couple of nifty places I would not have otherwise known of. But I stopped using it as anything other than a reference tool (mostly) after I thought about it a bit.

What happens if I check in at my daughter's preschool every day? And some freak decides that they're gonna take a look and see what they can see!

If I don't set my privacy settings correctly:

Speech is a skill

Rachel Coleman, one of the most inspiring women I have ever had the fortune to know (YEAH, I KNOW HER. I actually MET her and I can TOTALLY SAY THAT) posted, again, about cochlear implants and how damnit, they don't 'fix' everything. Read her post here. Speech is a skill. The ability to *communicate*? That is invaluable.