Keeping busy


Last Saturday, I tested up to Blue Belt! I feel pretty freaking awesome about that.

Earl has been very busy with his new contracting gig, and he's actually having to commute for it. It's chewing up a lot of his evenings. I'm trying to do a lot of things to 'make up' for the time he's spending.

Over the weekend I did all the laundry and folded it. Monday, I folded the rest and put it all away. I cleaned up a bunch of random stuff. I played with Reuben. I did several Code Academy lessons in PHP. I made dinner. Um. I don't even remember what, now. Oh, spaghetti! Easy, and the kids always eat it. Plus, dojo. Plus I made bread in the bread machine, which isn't much like really making bread, but at least it was something.

Tuesday: AUGH CLEANERS DAY. Cleaned up all the leftover dirty stuff in the kitchen! Went to Costco! More PHP lessons! Made dinner. Fish! Potatoes! Kale! R refused to sleep until 12:30!

Today: R woke up at 6:30! C was a grumpy bear and took nearly a half hour to get up, dressed, and use the bathroom. Seriously. And I'm the one who dresses her in the morning, or I'd have to get her up an hour earlier and I think I'd rather just use a vegetable peeler on my eyeball. Then she wanted a sweatshirt. Then she decided she was still hungry, 5 minutes before she needs to go get her teeth brushed. She was slow, so when I told her to hurry up and eat her cheese stick, she promptly shoved the whole thing in her mouth. Which then meant there was too much in her mouth and she threw it up on her sweatshirt and the floor. Got that taken care of, found another sweatshirt. Off to school, whereupon, because we were running late, she was jogging and tripped and fell and skinned both her knees and tore the hell out of her tights. And she had a substitute. I got home, started dinner. Pot roast with parsnips, carrots, potato, onion, green garlic and baby turnips. Everything but the potato came from our CSA stuff. With the remainders of Monday's bread. After that was started, I sat for a little bit, and once Angie got here to deal with R, I did something about the FOUL and NASTY carpets. OUT came the Rug Doctor. Ermagerd so horribly, horribly foul! And then, dojo. And then home and dinner. And cleaned the kitchen. R better go the hell to sleep tonight.